Location & Era - early 1980s, The Carribean 

This season Creative Director Samantha Stevenson was inspired by 80s resort living. Nostalgic movies & TV shows such as Cocktail, The Blue Lagoon & Miami Vice has us dreaming of an island getaway when life was a little more simple, hair was curly and and cocktails were colourful with a cherry on top!Three styles launched - Tutti & Frutti, Cocktails & Dreams and Turks & Caicos as well as new colours in bestsellers Camels & Caravans, Kohl & Kaftans and Sun & Shade.Natural tones are contrasted with bright splashes of colour such as coral salmon, violet, lagoon and ocean. New metal colours include bronze and white. 

Photographer- Jess Brohier

Creative Direction - Samantha Stevenson

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