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Beachside babe Dominique Elissa shares her Pared picks with us. See how Dom spices up her seaside looks with her top 6 Pared frames.
Let us know which is your favourite look below.

"My pared edit shades are all my different moods, a shade for each day. Some are tinted to hide my tired eyes on a Monday morning. Some are out there and big, to represent me on a Saturday when I’m dressed up and ready to spend the day out in the sunshine. I wanted to make selects that could resonate with everyone, because everyone deserves to wear a shade that makes them feel confident, beautiful and their best!" 

Dom Styles Petite Amour Caramel, Big Mamma Havana Amber, Nice & Easy Tortoise Yellow Yellow, Round & Around Pink Amber, Jordan Simek x Pared 01 Emerald Black, Each & Every Cookies Black

S H O P  D O M ' S  E D I T

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