We caught up with Jordan Simek to discuss all things collab, fashion and eyewear...     

What was the inspiration behind the colours you chose for the collaboration?

With the two different frames I was heavily influenced by the 90s and early 2000s. I have been loving playing around with colour lately. In a world so down and dull at the moment I have found colour so incredibly inspiring. It creates excitement and brings life to any outfit. I find when I pair the perfect eyewear with my outfit my confidence exudes. I wanted the frames to represent and reflect different elements of me, wearing big beautiful bold sunglasses makes me feel so confident. Never underestimate the power of accessories!

What was your inspiration for the shoot? Did you feel the creative vision came from the colours you chose or did you get inspiration from another source?

Since designing the eyewear collection, I felt as though each piece really spoke for themselves. Each frame had a part of my personality and I wanted to show her off.
The BLACK & EMERALD frame: Boss B*tch Jordie. She is confident, strong and sassy. A woman on a mission. Sleek and stylish and always on the run.
The CARAMEL frame: The ‘everyday’ me. Cool, calm and collected. The frame can be easily integrated into any outfit! She’s versatile and flexible to any occasion, a truly effortless style.
The RED frame: She is bold, loud and doesn’t mind making a bit of a statement. She is classic and isn’t afraid to turn a few heads. Ohh the drama…
The BLUE frame: The weird one…. A little quirky and likes to have fun with almost everything. Constantly pushing boundaries, a little bit cheeky and always daring.

What was your inspiration behind the packaging you chose?

I wanted to keep the packaging quite minimal as the frames really did all the talking. I wanted the packaging to be sleek and effortless and to not take away from what the frames stood for.

Where is your favourite place for a summer holiday?

The beach of course, anywhere by the water somewhere moderately secluded.

What are your top 5 essentials for your beach bag?

- Water
- A good book
- Towel
- Sunscreen
- Snacks of course.

Favourite beach you have been to?

It’s truly hard to pick just one! I love my local, Balmoral or Chinamans beach. There is a bunch of beautiful hidden beaches I have been to but they are my best kept secret and I don't beach and tell… ;)

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Do you feel sunglasses can make or break an outfit?

They can only ever make an outfit really! Picking the perfect pair honestly sets my mood for the rest of the day. Like is she 90’s cool girl or is she effortlessly Farrah Fawcett, is she bold and dangerous, or business boss babe ready to conquer the day… sunnies truly bring together an entire look. Clearly I love sunnies haha

Have you always loved fashion? Do you feel there was a turning point in your life where you knew you really wanted to start a career in the fashion industry?

Fun fact, I have always wanted to be a designer. I was always intrigued by fabric and sewing since I was a little girl. Forever a creative I would constantly draw and create in my spare time. I think the turning point was when I was in high school. As much as I was a creative, especially in art, when I went to my first ever sewing/ textiles class I was immediately infatuated and overly obsessed with anything textiles and fashion. I followed through after school at fashion college and still knew only a very small amount about the industry, but my love for it continuously grew. I think being so in love with the fashion industry really helped when I got into the modelling side of things because I really cared about my job and helping these designers seeing their collections come to life. So when I get approached to be a part of brands and design my own collection, I DO NOT take that lightly. It’s so cool that someone would allow me to be so close to their world. Call me crazy but I just adore the process so much!

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?

I have never really had to count them so this is a real eye opener.I have a sick obsession, I have been collecting them for years now either gifted from brands or ones I have gone out and purchased. I have given soooo many away to friends and family and yet I still seem to have over 50 pairs… HELP

If you had to choose one pair of frames from the Jordan x Pared collab to wear for the rest of your life which would you choose?

Thats a hard one!!! I love them all sooooo much individually because they all have such different vibes!But I think I would probably pick the CARAMEL. For some reason they just seem to go with EVERYTHING!



How did we start?

PARED EYEWEAR is the creation of co-founders and husband and wife duo, Samantha Stevenson and Edward Baker. In 2011 in the early days of their relationship, Sam’s design vision and Ed’s sales background were the perfect pair for starting a brand set to challenge the global eyewear industry, while based in Sydney, Australia. Samantha’s creative philosophy focuses on wearability while pushing the boundaries of conventional design and still staying true to eyewear fundamentals of high quality materials, smooth shapes and lasting comfort. Pared launched with five unique styles in the summer of 2012. The first ever Pared collection was called Made in the Shade, it featured the iconic Pared styles, Puss & Boots, Bread & Butter and Bigger & Better which are still some of the brands top selling frames to date. Each season the styles are injected with new colourways, but the fundamentals of Sam’s designs are proving to be trans-seasonal and timeless.

Since then, the brand has released a further six collections and 12 capsule collaborations, with each range taking inspiration from places and eras evocative of sunny days and endless summers. Pared collections and collaborations are eagerly anticipated, with the brand gaining a strong customer and influencer following across the globe. Samantha’s unique use of colour combinations and distinctive cutaway detailing, as well as her unusual material and surface treatments, ensure a point of difference among other eyewear brands.

What does the brand stand for?

The word ‘pare’ means to cut something back, shave it, or refine it; this is the fundamental design philosophy the brand stands by. The name is also a play on words for pair – each product is named after a famous pair: Bread & Butter, Puss & Boots, Romeo & Juliet, and the brand is known for its collaborations and cross-industry partnerships in fashion, music, art and jewellery.

Ultimately, pared is collection of handmade sunglasses grounded in the fundamentals of clean lines, smooth shapes and lasting comfort. The design philosophy is based on symbiosis – the idea that contrasting influences can combine to create truly unique experiences. Each Pared style balances a sense of old and new, masculine and feminine, classic and modern. Distinct yet cohesive materials, from metals and crystals to leather and stones, add depth and detail to sculpted acetate frames. Art, architecture and design are key influences for the Sam’s design development; eyewear lends itself to be easily influenced by external industries, it’s a fashion accessory which holds strong sculptural shape and colour and therefore inspiration can come from anywhere! Pared’s collections are inspired by places, memories and eras that evoke endless summers and eternal blue skies.

Pared has established a cult following amongst style influencers, artists and celebrities across the globe. Known for balancing a commitment to wearability with pushing the boundaries of conventional design, Pared collections are always anticipated for their quality and individuality. The brand is currently worn by Beyonce and Solange Knowles, Suki Waterhouse, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Kaia Gerber and Helena Christensen.

Pared collaborations tap into a cross-cultural market and set the brand apart in the eyewear industry. Bec & Bridge, STÆRK&CHRISTENSEN, Ginger & Smart, Emma Mulholland, Client Liaison Deluxe Line and Holly Ryan Jewellery are just some of the incredible brands Pared has been lucky enough to work with. It is one of our top priorities to continue learning, and we do this by sharing our design story with other creative teams.


Our eyewear components are chosen with a long life span in mind.

FRAMES – The frame is handmade using high quality 6mm acetates. We use a number of quality suppliers with core acetates from DAICEL and Mazzucelli. Acetate is lightweight, flexible & hypo allergenic. The properties of acetate allow it to retain a vibrant pigment in many different shades and combinations.

LENSES – Pared offers a selection of both solid, gradient & mirror CR39 lenses. We use high quality Japanese lens suppliers as well as Carl Zeiss optics. Our lenses are lightweight, shatterproof and scratch resistant with a great clarity of vision. Cr39 lenses have superior heat and chemical resistance. All pared lenses meet the strictest Australian & NZ standards as well as International standards. The lenses offer UV400 protection and 100% UVA & UVB protection.

METAL DETAIL & HINGES – All metal is either titanium (known for its strength and durability whilst being very light) or stainless steel. Both nickel free & hypo allergenic.

SCREWS – We use OBE German rubber dipped screws to ensure a strong and durable hinge connection for long term wear.

WARRANTY – We pride ourselves on a lovely product made with care and attention to detail. We offer a custom pared case & pouch to protect your glasses as well as a 1 year warranty against manufacturing faults. We also offer a repair service for our glasses. Please contact us – for any enquiries.

OPTICAL FRAMES & PRESCRIPTION – Most of our sunglasses frames can be scripted with an optical lens. Please contact us for more information.